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263 corpmail product brief

263 network communication is the first electronic mail service provider specializing in providing mail service. 263 enterprise mail service has new ideology in service providing and offers functions of breakthough. The service is independently developed by 263 network communication. Backed up by a mail system platform which has 40 million users, it offers email service of high-level stability, security and reliability. So far, 263 network communication becomes the largest email service provider in China.

263 network communication has its own national IDC, adopts the top hardware for email eservice, possesses operating experience with telecom level. It has established an improved operating and maintaining system to ensure a high-level service featuring by stability, high-speed and security.

263 enterprise mail focuses on practicableness and adapts to the populization of Broad Band. Meanwhile, it combines functions of multi-enterprises internet application. It provides professional proposals for the enterprise to improve its inner coordination, promotes its operating efficiency and reduces the operating cost.

Immense cyberspace & large accessory capability:

In December of Year 2005, 263 network communication made great efforts to issue an email service for enterprise called G-POSTOFFICE. The minimum space of each single mail account is 1G, which stands for a breakthrough compared with those which are calculated by Megabyte. The network administrator should no longer be bothered with the problems of limited mail space. And the email users will no longer run into the trouble of missing important information because the mail account is chocked up.

The function of sending accessory of 600M is available though G-POSTOFFICE and it charges nothing. The receiver will get the accessory as large as 600M with no concern of whether his space vacancy is large enough.

In August of Year 2006, 263mail.com updated its logging-in interface to the users’ convenience.

Overseas Forwarding & Triple Guarantee:

263 network communication has set up multiple overseas transmit servers, and is making successive efforts to optimize the route for international connections.
263 network service is acknowledged internationally and with good credit. It offers green route for those IP addresses which are blocked domestically.

863 anti-spam technology:

As a leader in enterprise email service, 263 network communication has assumed the 863 technology project since 2004, officially called “multi-characteristics intellectual anti-spam system and its criteria research and application”. This project is checked and successfully accepted with a result of A by expertise from national 863 Plan in November of Year 2005.
G-POSTOFFICE has adopted the fruit of 863 project since December of the Year 2005 and successively improve the processing mechanism in order to offer a better service to its users. It creatively develops a function as “unknown files” to enable users to select the emails which they are willing to receive. 263 does well in anti-spam aspect and is acknowledged positively by 4million users.

263 enterprise email service adopts the anti-spam method of triple filtrations and quintuple purifying, reaching a spam filtration rate as high as 96%.

263 enterprise email has a function as “spam complaint”, which reacts to users’ complaints promptly and deal with the spam in an all-around way.

High-speed & Security & Stability:

As one of the earliest IDC business operators in China, 263 has professional IDC computer rooms settled in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. These computer rooms use both CNNC and ADSL Broad Bands to optimize the service according to different demands from different users. It provides email service of high-speed, security and stability. 263 network communication possesses unique computer rooms for email service providing in this industry domestically.

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